Monday, April 26, 2010

Senior Portraits...(not senior citizens)

Senior portraits...When did they begin?

For all my followers that are Canadian I am going to explain about the Senior Portraits. In Canada, (where I am from) my friends often thought I was shooting senior citizens when I would mention I have a senior shoot.
When I first moved to the US, I also had no idea what a senior shoot was...LOL
I really thought old people ~ sure I can shoot em!

In Canada we do not reference "Senior", "Freshman"etc. We just show up and get the picture with our gown and cap to prove we really did graduate high school.
Rarely I will do a senior photoshoot. My passion and love is to make beautiful wedding memories.

I will share a senior shoot I did last fall. Nicole is my daughters piano teacher and also a senior this year. When she asked me to shoot her senior pictures it was something I would do in a heartbeat. She is young and popular and like all the seniors I have photographed in the past this Senior photoshoot is the biggest deal ever!!

I am not knocking the importance of the senior portraits for students....but coming from Canada and never understanding the all out importance of the photoshoot, clothes change, and props and instruments and letter jackets....and I even had a senior bring her horse to my home/studio. Those were fantastic pictures BTW!! With Senior photos it is important to stay current. Seniors want great photos to print into wallet size for all their friends to have when everyone goes off to collage.
I am persuaded to do the odd senior photoshoot depending on my wedding scheduale. It really is a big deal to have fantastic pictures at this time in someones journey.