Saturday, March 20, 2010

Are our wedding photos over-cooked? Or just Artistic?
As a wedding photographer, my goal on every wedding is great images straight out of the camera!!
After the wedding I know generally my pictures are ready to post. What I like to do for each wedding is to give a little artistic idea of what I can do with their wedding pictures.
Is it just enough to have an artistic "eye"? Do brides like to have a little of both. Both meaning the artistic over cooked amazing images that are really one of well as that stunning natural, truly organic image that makes you melt with how beautifully natural the environment and surroundings are.
I have a wedding that I did last year. It truely was so, so beautiful. It was one of those "organic weddings". It was outside on the lake. Sun was setting. Many beautiful people arrived. It was intimate and cliassic.
I wanted to add my artistic spin on some pictures and really give the bride and groom amazing wedding pictures like they have never seen. The funny thing was...the pictures were not really needing much adjustment. The venue was already so romantic. It had perfect light. I found that changing the feel too much, didn't give the pictures the vibe of the night.

I have added a few detail shots from the wedding. The bride and groom are public figures and requested before the wedding not to have the images of themselves or guests this is about all I am going to share from that wedding :(
I guess generally, couples want a little of both. A little traditional romantic look as well as the WOW factor on other one of kind pictures!
Agree? What do couples want in digital photography?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How do you know this photographer is right for you?

I am going to start this blog with a story about my friends Alisha and Steve. I accually remember the night they officially had their first "date". It was the same night I met my husband. Myself, Steve and Alisha were working in Whistler as mountain photographers. This is important because when we seek photographers ourselves we are a little more educated than the regular consumer.

Alisha and Steve then moved to Montreal where they became engaged.

They choose a fantastic location, it was a resort type of all inclusive facitity. The only catch needed to take the whole package which included the resort photographer. Alisha and Steve had photography as something that was high on the list of priorities, so they had to check out the resort photographer before they confirmed the booking.

To make a long story short~the photographer had maybe one or two pictures from the same wedding. The pictures that should have been his very best stuff was soft. (out of focus) When asked about equipment the photographer admitted that he shoots on auto settings (for best results.) The final straw was when he did not know if he used filters on his lenses for UV or polarizers.

Steve and Alisha loved the venue...but demanded that they bring their own photographer. Finally the venue agreed.

So, the day of the wedding...the photographer they originally met with that the venue supplied was behind the bar serving the drinks!!!
This just shows that it is important to ask questions. Ask photographers, "what questions should I be asking When I am shopping around."

I think I will post some questions on the website under "Brides Guide". Sure you can get questions from the magazines....but honestly, if the magazine recommends that you ask the photographer what they are wearing to your wedding and you think your photographer is gonna show up looking like a the other direction no matter how nice the photography is!

#1 choose a photographer that has a personality. You need to be comfortable that this person can add genuine flair to your wedding day. Not pushing, not rude, not having any other adgenda than to accommodate to your wedding day.

#2 Choose a photographer based on the love of their work. The pictures that you see should move you...who's style you love, who shoots a photo that tells the story you want to have told. A photographer that can capture emotion and family and love!!!

If you do not love the pictures~nothing else matters.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tiny Tuxedos,
Greatfully the twins arrived and were able to make an appearance to their Aunt Dana's wedding. At 3 weeks old, I think by far they are the youngest I have photographed in a wedding party.
3 Years ago I also photographed the wedding of Mom and Dad of the twins. Darcie and Luke were married in the same church as Dana. Shortly after their wedding they moved to Seattle Washington.
My other highlight of this wedding was watching the bride and groom venture onto a trampline in their wedding attire.

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's no secret!! Wedding phtography has CHANGED!!

After looking at my in-laws wedding album this past weekend, it really is amazing to see where wedding photography is today. Their album is beautiful, but they have about 50 pictures to tell the story of their entire wedding day. Their wedding had over 500 guests and lasted over 12 hours long. (but just 50 pictures 45 years later)

Today's weddings I take about 25 times as many photos. With digital photography and storybook wedding albums, it truely is a work of art. The process is a time intesive process that requires all the skill, talent and artistry that professional photographers need to bring to the table ~ not just through the lense.

Also at todays weddings everyone has a camera to document your wedding day. The best part is many of your family and guests will get some very good wedding images. I think the difference with today's brides is, they have the option to make their wedding photography extraordinary!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Receiving line OR Personal Greetings?

Etiquette used to be that you had to have a receiving line immediately after the wedding ceremony.
What works best? After shooting so many weddings and seeing the different options that brides and groom choose for their wedding day, I would like to know what has worked best for you? Also if you are planning a wedding, what are you planning to do?
I really like both options. I think this comes down to a personal preference to the wedding day timing and what the bride and groom are comfortable with.
My advice is, if you have a 150-250 person wedding and you have a reception following...a recieving line would not be the best option. You will spend at least 30-45minutes at the church doors saying Hello.
This is however is a GREAT idea if it is planned into your wedding day timeline. This is a perfect way to say Hello to your guests, it is great for the parents and family to mingle take a few snap shots and really enjoy the post wedding ceremony excitement.
Be sure to plan your reception arrival with plenty of time to include your photography.
My personal feeing about going table to table is less disirable. I feel that many people do not remain at the table after dinner. Also this is the time to celebrate and DANCE!!!
What have you experienced that works well?

So as I am blogging on my thoughts....I asked my In laws what they did 45 years ago when they had a wedding of 550 guests.