Thursday, March 18, 2010

How do you know this photographer is right for you?

I am going to start this blog with a story about my friends Alisha and Steve. I accually remember the night they officially had their first "date". It was the same night I met my husband. Myself, Steve and Alisha were working in Whistler as mountain photographers. This is important because when we seek photographers ourselves we are a little more educated than the regular consumer.

Alisha and Steve then moved to Montreal where they became engaged.

They choose a fantastic location, it was a resort type of all inclusive facitity. The only catch needed to take the whole package which included the resort photographer. Alisha and Steve had photography as something that was high on the list of priorities, so they had to check out the resort photographer before they confirmed the booking.

To make a long story short~the photographer had maybe one or two pictures from the same wedding. The pictures that should have been his very best stuff was soft. (out of focus) When asked about equipment the photographer admitted that he shoots on auto settings (for best results.) The final straw was when he did not know if he used filters on his lenses for UV or polarizers.

Steve and Alisha loved the venue...but demanded that they bring their own photographer. Finally the venue agreed.

So, the day of the wedding...the photographer they originally met with that the venue supplied was behind the bar serving the drinks!!!
This just shows that it is important to ask questions. Ask photographers, "what questions should I be asking When I am shopping around."

I think I will post some questions on the website under "Brides Guide". Sure you can get questions from the magazines....but honestly, if the magazine recommends that you ask the photographer what they are wearing to your wedding and you think your photographer is gonna show up looking like a the other direction no matter how nice the photography is!

#1 choose a photographer that has a personality. You need to be comfortable that this person can add genuine flair to your wedding day. Not pushing, not rude, not having any other adgenda than to accommodate to your wedding day.

#2 Choose a photographer based on the love of their work. The pictures that you see should move you...who's style you love, who shoots a photo that tells the story you want to have told. A photographer that can capture emotion and family and love!!!

If you do not love the pictures~nothing else matters.

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