Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just Shooting for the fun of shooting...

Do you ever find yourself out wishing you had your camera? Are you the person that always has a camera on them. Or are you the person who documents everything with your iphone?
This past weekend I was very lucky to be able to teach/mentor my photography skills as well as learn from one of my mentors.

The best part about being a photographer is that generally I always have a camera. If not my professional camera, I have my point and shoot camera.

Sometimes I feel as the professional photographer...if I have my professional camera, I feel my regular everyday shooting is a little like work!
This past weekend I had a fantastic weekend just shooting whatever I wanted. ( with a little work stuff in between)

I have added random picture that either made me laugh or I liked because they had meaning to me.

I plan to add many many more to my facebook album. So if you are not a fan or friend please become one so you can see a few favorite pics from around Whistler and Vancouver.