Sunday, May 30, 2010

The New Trend...

The new Trend...
Below you will see a few pictures from Last weeks wedding. The party was a huge success. I think at every wedding the bride and groom really want to be sure their guest have a memorable time. After the traditional pictures on the dance floor with the new bride and groom the DJ started playing some great tunes (DJ Greg Anderson) and we opened up our photo booth.
Together this was a huge hit. The bag of props I brought really helped the shy guests enter the photo booth. After their picture was taken they were instructed to go get another couple and bring them to the photobooth~
The continued documentation on the dance floor was not missed either. Having two shooters helped to be sure to cover the entire party.
An added bonus to the photobooth at a wedding is that depending on the bride and grooms needs...we can turn these pictures around on the same evening and the guests will leave with a great memory of the wedding in a 4X6 photo frame. I think my first photobooth was done about 4 years ago. Now I think this fun trend is catching on.
I offer this service with some wedding packages. It is a great perk to the regular dance floor shots. All I need is a little corner and I set up my stuff and start rounding up some fun!
As you can see from the pictures~ Young and Old, everyone is having a good time! (I could not leave untill I dragged DJ Greg Anderson into the Photobooth. LOL-he was a great sport.