Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where are our Pictures?

So tonight I am blogging from My old stomping ground in Whistler British Columbia. I came here to enjoy the amazing setting, shoot pictures with my friends and work on some much needed workflow tweaking.

I am always the photographer that is organized, not just in business but in family as well. When shooting 1500 pictures in a wedding it's easy to organize, catalog and back up. On the everyday ~ Grab my camera and photograph the kids or the dog or the sun setting. It could be many days before I get the images loaded into the computer~

From there the file system is a very carefully thought out process that every picture has a place and every event has a title. I am always eager to be sure that the events that I document in eveyday are not lost in computer limbo and just forgotten about.

I wonder how other people document and keep track of the history in pictures they have taken.

Do regular people take digital pictures and still put them in the photo albums for the next generation to turn the pages of.

Where are our pictures? Are they lost?

What I do for my family pictures and family stuff is a simple on line album. Every month is documented and recorded under that month, at the end of each year I pick my favorite from each month and produce a photobook from "my Publisher".

The books are perfect for family trips as well if you have a big event. They are great prices and cost about the same as if you were to print out the years favorites and put them into an album. The great thing can work on your photobook all year round, at the end of the year, it's good to go.

I think so many people are losing the best part of document with pictures....we want these memories and if we don't take care of our pictures then we can't pass on the memories to the next generation. I love looking at old family pictures.