Monday, March 15, 2010

It's no secret!! Wedding phtography has CHANGED!!

After looking at my in-laws wedding album this past weekend, it really is amazing to see where wedding photography is today. Their album is beautiful, but they have about 50 pictures to tell the story of their entire wedding day. Their wedding had over 500 guests and lasted over 12 hours long. (but just 50 pictures 45 years later)

Today's weddings I take about 25 times as many photos. With digital photography and storybook wedding albums, it truely is a work of art. The process is a time intesive process that requires all the skill, talent and artistry that professional photographers need to bring to the table ~ not just through the lense.

Also at todays weddings everyone has a camera to document your wedding day. The best part is many of your family and guests will get some very good wedding images. I think the difference with today's brides is, they have the option to make their wedding photography extraordinary!!

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