Saturday, March 20, 2010

Are our wedding photos over-cooked? Or just Artistic?
As a wedding photographer, my goal on every wedding is great images straight out of the camera!!
After the wedding I know generally my pictures are ready to post. What I like to do for each wedding is to give a little artistic idea of what I can do with their wedding pictures.
Is it just enough to have an artistic "eye"? Do brides like to have a little of both. Both meaning the artistic over cooked amazing images that are really one of well as that stunning natural, truly organic image that makes you melt with how beautifully natural the environment and surroundings are.
I have a wedding that I did last year. It truely was so, so beautiful. It was one of those "organic weddings". It was outside on the lake. Sun was setting. Many beautiful people arrived. It was intimate and cliassic.
I wanted to add my artistic spin on some pictures and really give the bride and groom amazing wedding pictures like they have never seen. The funny thing was...the pictures were not really needing much adjustment. The venue was already so romantic. It had perfect light. I found that changing the feel too much, didn't give the pictures the vibe of the night.

I have added a few detail shots from the wedding. The bride and groom are public figures and requested before the wedding not to have the images of themselves or guests this is about all I am going to share from that wedding :(
I guess generally, couples want a little of both. A little traditional romantic look as well as the WOW factor on other one of kind pictures!
Agree? What do couples want in digital photography?

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