Sunday, March 14, 2010

Receiving line OR Personal Greetings?

Etiquette used to be that you had to have a receiving line immediately after the wedding ceremony.
What works best? After shooting so many weddings and seeing the different options that brides and groom choose for their wedding day, I would like to know what has worked best for you? Also if you are planning a wedding, what are you planning to do?
I really like both options. I think this comes down to a personal preference to the wedding day timing and what the bride and groom are comfortable with.
My advice is, if you have a 150-250 person wedding and you have a reception following...a recieving line would not be the best option. You will spend at least 30-45minutes at the church doors saying Hello.
This is however is a GREAT idea if it is planned into your wedding day timeline. This is a perfect way to say Hello to your guests, it is great for the parents and family to mingle take a few snap shots and really enjoy the post wedding ceremony excitement.
Be sure to plan your reception arrival with plenty of time to include your photography.
My personal feeing about going table to table is less disirable. I feel that many people do not remain at the table after dinner. Also this is the time to celebrate and DANCE!!!
What have you experienced that works well?

So as I am blogging on my thoughts....I asked my In laws what they did 45 years ago when they had a wedding of 550 guests.

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  1. I didn't have a receiving line and tried to do the table greeting thing...that was hard. I didn't see everyone that was there and it wasn't a huge wedding, only about 175 guests. So I was sad to have missed a few people but I also don't like receiving lines, they can be kind of uncomfortable. I ended up having too much fun dancing to make it to every table so then I felt like a jerk! :)