Thursday, March 11, 2010

Photographer's advice to Brides

The one thing I want to communicate with brides and grooms in search of their wedding day photographer is to know what to be looking for.

I have read many different bridal check list and recommendations from "The Knot" and the main thing I want to touch on is the idea of the photographer's that "Shoot and Burn"

Beware of the photographers that offer this service. I also think it is important that brides recieve full copy release of their images....but not through a "shoot and burn" option. (I can explain further if an explaination is wanted)

The Main reason I say this is because when I am out at my bridal shows and when I am shooting or I get calls and e-mails from friends of brides that have worked with me, the question I get so often is..."all I have from my wedding is a disc, Can you make me an album?"

When a photographer is accountable for the complete documentation of your wedding...It needs to be fullfilled unless it's just not important to you. 5 or 10 years after the wedding, that is when Brides will realize that they really don't have anything to show for all the planning, details, money spent or guests who came.

"Shoot and Burn" are fly by night...they may not be around when 5 years have passed and you want a wedding album.


  1. If a friend or relative offers their services to you as their photographer, and unless they have wedding photography experience, it is best to use them only as a "second photographer" on the day of the wedding. By "second photographer", I mean a photographer that stays in the background and simply shoots candid shots throughout the day. click over here now