Saturday, April 3, 2010

Groomsman~What is expected!

This is a picture that can explain possibly one of the duties of a groomsmen. Keep the wedding party hydrated!
I have had several different experiences with wild wedding parties. The groomsmen like to have a good time...and I WANT the groomsmen to have a good time!!
After the church and the drinks start flowing....anything can happen and I usually like to keep shooting eventhough these pictures often do not make the wedding album.
Without digging too deep into the tradition of the groomsmens' role, generally on the day of the wedding the groomsmen need to be sure the groom has arrived!! Rings, please be sure to have the rings. Seating guests as they arrrive.
Also in Canada a Best Man needs to be at least 18 and is a witness to the wedding and must sign the wedding certificate/license.
Sometimes it is an oversight to stock the limo or trolly, so if you have a groomsmen that does not have a sure to assign him an important role on your wedding day! Cold Drinks!!


  1. That pitue is priceless and I would want to ake my wedding album! LOL

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