Monday, April 5, 2010

Traditions & Customs

Traditions & Customs...Did you know?

As a photographer, embracing customs is very important on weddding day. As someone who is documenting history it is important to know what to expect. Different cultures and ceremonies can have some very beautiful rituals that shouldn't be missed.
Shooting most of my current weddings in Northwestern Pennsylvania I don't see so much variation in the customs.

In Japan, for instance, purple is the color of love and a young bride may choose to wear an elaborately-embroidered silk kimono covered in purple iris-flowers.
In China, couples prefer to marry on the half hour~when the clock is on the up swing, symbolizing ascending fortune.

It is considered good luck in England for the bride to be kissed by a chimney sweep on the way to her wedding. Sweeps are associated with hearth and home, and thus domestic bliss.
A multi-layered fruitcake topped by a small cedar tree is a wedding tradition in Bermuda. The tree is planted after the ceremony and is expected to grow with love of the couple.
There are so many traditions in so many cultures, but all are centered around the basic concept of a new beginning, a new life together with a commitment of two people hand in hand in marrage.
What customs have you incorporated
into your wedding? What was the coolest tradition or custom that you have seen?

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