Saturday, April 10, 2010

Location, Location....Africa, France, Moutain views

What does location have to do with it....

As a photographer with a lot of location experience I find that it has prepared me for any situation that can occur. But also sometimes the location is so fantastic that it is impossible to take a bad photo.

I am not just talking about weddings. I am talking about my photography workshops that I took in the South of France~impossible to take a bad photo. Or a blue sunny day on the top of Whistler mountain. Or travelling the back roads of Africa. Amazing views and culture and architecture surround me everywhere. So now as I am settled and shooting in Erie PA, sometimes you need to be able to see the views that others may not see.

In the future I will post a few other favorite images. I am currently working on a album from my 6 months in Africa. I have pulled a few to share that I had handy.


  1. me and our cameras!!

    Then we hit Greek Islands, Hungary and maybe India. Then...

    So many places to photograph...

  2. Jodi,

    These are fabulous!!!
    Love Valarie Moore