Thursday, April 15, 2010

Erie Wedding Experience

This blog is about what we can do in the down time on a long wedding day. Sometimes weddings are planned when the ceremony is about noon and the reception may not start until 5 or maybe 6pm into the evening. The planning may be determined based on what is avaliable for vendors or limited times to have the ceremony in a certain church. But either way as a photographer we love to have time to shoot and more is sometimes better...but when you have over 3 hours, and have been to three great shooting's time to just chill out and relax. Take a breath and enjoy the moment. Sometimes we will head to a picnic style spot, beach, park, or starbucks. One wedding party picked up Little Ceasers Pizza "Hot n' Ready"
The pictures in this blog are from Matt and Brianna's wedding. The ceremony was early, and the reception was not until 6pm.
After the church we headed to the park, then to the beach, then on a covered bridge location...everyone including myself were ready for a break.
Steak N Shake~ Everyone had a shake and a snack and had a chance to chat and it was memorable and we used these pictures in a spread of their wedding ablum and since, I have also got a lot of complements on the idea.
One thing to keep in mind: Most brides and groom do not carry a photographers be prepared to pick up the tab. And it's a nice bonus to the service we provide as well.
As a guest to a we like the short wedding ceremony/dinner/dancing all in a short span....or the entire day? Ceremony in the morning and Come back after a little siesta for dinner and a party?? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. OMG! What a priceless wedding memory!!!! Love the idea!!! And mhmmmmmm milk Shakes...Yum....Love the barstoll shot! My fav!