Friday, April 16, 2010

Music and Photography...

This is part of the job that really isn't a job. I love to take pictures I love to listen to music. My friend and musician Lori Burke is going to be releasing her very own CD. She currently plays venues around Erie and Northwestern Pennsylvania. She also plays with a great band Tiger Maple String Band.

You can visit some of her music on Reverb is attached below

Please enjoy some of the pictures that we will be featuring on her CD cover. We were looking to have a country, earthy and natural look to the cover. We would love your feedback on the images you like best.

Again, visit Lori @ Reverb Nation and check out her up coming show scheduale.


  1. Awesome pics Jod! From the very top my favs are 1,2, 5 and the last one my very fav!!!Now off to check out her music!

  2. Thanks Gabi...last one seems to be a pick for many.

    Thanks for checking out her music. She has a great voice!

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