Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I have always wondered about the garter toss....I have seen many weddings where the toss is a great laugh. I think now at weddings it is a great way to poke fun at the history of what the garter toss was and to just enjoy the laughter and moments that are created.

I am going to write about a story from my friends wedding. I am laughing while writing because the garter toss went all wrong...

Groom is all ready to take off the garter when someone suggests that he be blindfolded. Should still be a no brainer...but then it was suggested that they replace the bride with Grandma!! Why I have no idea!! Lets just say it went all wrong!!

I remember the groom stroking her leg as his hands were looking for the garter. Then the groom thought it would be cute to glide his hands over her hips and give her breasts a squeeze~did I say this went all wrong!!

This is a true story and I think that the blindfold should be done with caution and caution be taking if your wearing a blindfold!!

The history of the garter toss and the garter toss today is little different. Throwing the garter is derived from an old English custom called "flinging the stocking." Guests would invade the bridal chamber and steal the bride's stockings, then take turns flinging them. Whoever threw the one that landed on the groom's nose, would be the next to marry.

In France, throwing the garter became popular in the 14th century because it was considered lucky to get a piece of the brides attire. The stories go that the bride literally would get charged in hopes of a piece of her clothing for good luck. Brides then began to throw their garter and whoever caught it could expect good luck.

These days, the groom removes the garter -- generally worn at the mid-thigh level -- from her leg and tosses it to his bachelor pals. American tradition is to also place the garter on the leg of the single lady who caught the bouquet

Also the theory goes...both will be next to get hitched~not necessarily to each other.


  1. I am thinking someone was very embarrased after that!!!

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