Sunday, May 16, 2010

Edinboro Art and Music Festival

It was a great weekend for enjoying the Arts... The Downtown Edinboro Arts and Music Festival

was a huge success this year. I think the weather made people a little worried, but it couldn't have been better.
Check out the website link and a couple photos I have attached. My Sawyer is 7 playing fiddle and he joined the Guys on street playing some tunes.
It's a great opportunity to come out enjoy music art and a whole lot of culture in our little town.
If you take a peek at the photos I encluded you will see that the subjects are completely back-lite. It was 9:30 in the morning. The sun was just above the buildings. When you have a situation like this you do not want to have your subjects completely in shadows becasue of the background being so bright. What I would recommend in this situation is to either use an external flash to give the faces some light. Or even an on camera pop up flash would do.
My difficulty in this situation is that I had all my camera gear packed for a wedding that was happening also this same day. So my photography tip would be to have a high shutter speed such as 250. (if I had a flash I would put my exposure at f11 and go all manual on my settings) since I did not have a flash, I set my camera up on S- for shutter priority and I used spot metering to meter the exposure on the musicians that were shaded from their own bodies.

This is a good way to keep great detail in the background as well.
I then put my little artist twist on the pictures and I hope you like...

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