Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away....Raining on A Wedding Day!

Well, It's a Saturday in May, and it's raining!
Today I am photographing Erin and Tom's wedding and by the looks of it outside~It may not clear up. I think every photographer and Bride and Groom want to have that perfect sunny wedding day with perfect conditions. But that does not always happen so we roll with it!

It's one of those days that I am sure Erie Wedding Photographers will cross paths at the Erie Art Gallery on State Street. It's the most popular spot on a rainy day. It has beautiful white columns and a quick few steps from car to cover.

I have some plans of my own on this rainy day. Stay tuned for my next blog to see pictures. Also my car is loaded with about 10 oversized umbrellas ready to hand out for cover!

A few pictures attached are from Kelsey and Mikes wedding on Conneaut Lake. The day was raining, but after the reception, it stopped for just a few minutes to catch a couple more pictures. We are going to roll with today, We have memories to make and we won't let a little rain get in the way!

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