Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kids in the Wedding...

From the Wedding of Cindy and Steve this little man was the highlight of kids I have photographed at weddings. He was just darling.
Sometimes having kids in a wedding can be more stressful than it needs to be. From experience I would recommend that small children have an official "kid manager" LOL~ This is the person who makes the day as flawless as possible. This person is relaxed and without any other wedding tasks. For some children on the wedding day they know there has been a power shift...they have LOTS of power. I have seen my share of pleading and begging from grown ups. I have also seen my share of children that realize that they have the upper hand!!
My check list is simple:
Be sure to have a regular potty stop.
Water is the perfect beverage of choice.
snacks/food/lunch, on a busy day be sure the children are fed regularly. This may seem like a no brainer but on a hectic wedding day food is often overlooked.
Pretzels, goldfish, fruit snacks depending on the age a lollipop can go a long way! Be sure to put snacks into a ziplock bag before the ceremony. Nothing like listening to a pretzel bag opening during the ceremony!!
Also it is great to see coloring books and crayons at the reception. At one wedding they had a lego play table brought in. There were 5 boys and everytime you looked over to the area they were all accounted for.
No matter how challenging it could be to have children in a wedding....I LOVE THEM!!
Children can make for the cutiest of pictures! The More the Merrier!


  1. I would add a play station or DVD player for those that need a lot of time for the child to be occupied. Negotiations should be made ahead of time and set the expectations. BUT, if you are going to have children involved, be prepared and realize that things might come up. Go with the flow, laugh and enjoy having them there. IF something comes up, don't put unnecessary pressure on the child and allow them to be. A small scene can get out of hand and ruin the day if you let it. Let the kids be kids, but prepare them and yourself to just enjoy! Hope this makes sense.

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